Sorry, I haven't written in awhile but once the holidays hit it's all a blur! We had such memorable times meeting so many Laura fans at shows last year. One woman, Esther, I believe said that she used to sing in the bathroom with Laura when they attended the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan.                                                                                                                           

It's so great to hear first hand stories. One man came up to me to tell me that he and his partner owned a record store in NYC. They received Eli and the Thirteenth Confession from Columbia when it had just come out. They promptly put it on and fell in love! They had been playing it a lot when one day, a girl with long dark hair and an older woman came in. They said are you the lady on this record and sure enough it was Laura and her mom, Gilda! I knew that Laura was an animal rights advocate, but this fellow told me that she told him that she would wear only plastic shoes!                             

So I'll get to more stories, but got to run! All my love to Laura's fans and hope to make more friends at the shows BTW, 2 more performances coming right up, one on March 26th on Long Island, NY and the next, a memorial for Laura on April 9th in Connecticut. 

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Christine 8/14 @ Wishing Well Saratoga, NY 6:00-10:00

Christine 8/15 @ Panza's Saratoga    7-10 PM

Christine 8/16 Wine Bar Saratoga    7- 10 PM



Thursday, August 22nd 6-8:00PM Christine and Elliot @ Port Imperial Jazz Series








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