Christine is keeping Laura's flame burning strong!

“Laura’s music is in fine hands with Christine Spero who is a terrific musician. She can play and sing Laura’s songs like few others. She knows this music inside out, and rises to the challenge on each song singing with expressiveness and power. At times her voice sounds like she could be Laura’s twin sister! It's such challenging music to sing, and she does it so beautifully.
I don't think I've ever heard anyone who's voice naturally sounds as much like Laura's as Christine's does (although it is certainly distinguished in it's own way). I also thoroughly enjoyed Christine's original song, "Laura and John". The arrangements are true to Laura’s originals but with some sweet creative touches as well. The band members are all pros and Christine can really play that piano! Laura’s fans should really enjoy this recording. Christine is a very talented woman, and I'm so glad she did such a beautiful job with my sister's music." Jan Nigro - Brother of Laura Nyro
                                                                                                                                                                  Well, now that I've caught my breath, let me tell you some stories that were given to meet by fine Laura fans (and I hope that I tell it right!)  The man came from Cleveland with his buddies to New York City. They were walking around town when they decided to take a rest. The man went over to the fountain in Washington Square Park and sat there by the fountain pool. He looks over and who is sitting there, but Laura Nyro eating her lunch!  He was in awe and too nervous to introduce himself as a fan but he thought, "if I could come to a city like New York and wind up sitting in a park next to Laura Nyro then I'm moving here!" And he did! He became quite successful there, too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Laura's attorney, Alan Bomser who represented her with David Geffen in signing with Columbia Records came to our show at The Bearsville Theater in Woodstock NY.He loved it and told me a story about meeting Laura for the first time. He and David went to her apartment and she and her not so welcoming German Shepherd greeted them and she told them that she made them dinner. They all sat down to eat the baked chicken and it was raw! They wound up eating her famous tuna fish sandwiches.
I've met Laura's photographer, Robert Altman, who by the way has a photo on the cover of the Cd,her road manager, Lee Housekeeper, her good friend, Steve Katz who we sometimes perform with. He's got some good stories. I'll put them up next time.  So, it's a trip and I'm really enjoying it. More stories to come.

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Christine 8/14 @ Wishing Well Saratoga, NY 6:00-10:00

Christine 8/15 @ Panza's Saratoga    7-10 PM

Christine 8/16 Wine Bar Saratoga    7- 10 PM



Thursday, August 22nd 6-8:00PM Christine and Elliot @ Port Imperial Jazz Series








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