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A journey across the country on mountain bikes by my son, Jake and his college friend, Dave, led me to write “Just So You Know”. They traveled from Buffalo, New York to Burbank, California, pulling 65 lb. trailers to raise money for Cradle Beach, a camp for handicapped children in Buffalo. I lived that trip through Jake’s eyes and in the back of my mind I kept what he told me of his experiences. The vivid pictures he’d leave me with after each phone call home later came out in my song. The riders had to race to make the fireworks at Mount Rushmore on the 3rd of July and I’m sure that their wheels hummed through the marvelous, majestic beauty of the Black Hills in South Dakota. The “moonscape on the earth” is the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho. I pictured them riding through a sea of lava flows; through weird and scenic landscapes of cinder cones and sagebrush. This song is dedicated to them and their amazing feat.They will be riding with a team of four in June 2007 from Alaska to Argentina to raise money to build a school in Maderas, Nicaragua.(www.bikingforabetterworld.org)


LYRICS TO "JUST SO YOU KNOW" Goodbye, I won't make it hard. In the long run I'll be strong. Besides, we both need this time to find out more. Belong to the rhythm of the road and the wind will take you on. Desire, as the pilgrim makes his way to the shore. And at each new border sign is a picture set in time. When the moment's come and the unspoken race is on... Chorus: Just so you know, my love is true, just so you know. Letting you go is further proof of my devotion. Don't end the song, I'll answer you. When you're alone watch for my sign. Just so you know, I'm ground control while you have loftier things on your mind, on your mind. The time when you called me from the moonscape on the earth There's some, never thought you'd get that far, on wheels. You were hummingbirds, couldn't miss the fireworks, the fields and the old men telling stories at the bar. We were riding in too deep, better find a place to sleep. When the strength dries up and the only thing left is your soul.... (Chorus) Bridge: Night after night I'll be waiting for you and all that I do is watch the view from your eyes. On to the coast as you climb just to see, what the next turn will be. Oh..Oh..Oh..Oh.... (Horn solo) (Repeat bridge) Just so you know, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know. Your mind, your mind, your mind, your mind.....


Christine Solo 4/25 @ Bellini's in Latham 6-9 PM



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  • 04/25/2019
    Bellini's - Latham, NY
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    The Windham Local Public House - Windham, NY
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    Panzas Restaurant / New Location! - Saratoga Springs, NY
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    The Wishing Well Restaurant - Wilton, NY
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    American Glory - Catskill, NY

"Spero Plays Nyro"

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"Spero Plays Nyro" A celebration of the music of Laura Nyro. This new project has been bringing a lot of joy to Laura's and our fans. 

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